Sunday, June 19, 2011

2 months...

Wow, 2 months since I posted. Strange, but sometimes life happens. It's been a rough couple months but I have been running with some consistency at least and hopefully it will pay off. I've been trying to find a 5k to race that fits into my schedule to test my fitness but things seem to come up every weekend and I haven't had the opportunity yet.
I have started my marathon training more or less and have some long runs coming up. I'm sort of wishing I had more time to train, increase mileage and gain speed but I'll just have to do my best. October seems far away right now but the summer flies by and there just aren't that many weeks.
I have a few speed workouts on my watch I'd like to upload soon if only for my own sake. It's nice to have a record to gauge my progress against. I still need to do more tempo runs and actually run a few races but other than that running is going okay.

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