Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just the numbers.

Here are my intervals from last Tuesday and this Tuesday.
The only other run I did was a slow 3.5ish run Sunday. The weather was crap and I was just sort of down and not feeling it all week. I did do my core workout Wednesday but Thursday-Saturday were a big FAIL. I also didn't eat the best which generally brings my mood down and my weight up. However, I haven't weighed myself in a while. If I see weight gain on the scale it translates to slower running in my head so I try and avoid the scale before a race.

From last Tuesday:
5 1/4 intervals with 1/4 recoveries - 4.5 miles total.

From this Tuesday:
2 1/2 intervals + 3 1/4 intervals with 1/4 recoveries - a bit over 4 miles total
3:30 (I was really stuggling in the middle of this interval - should have picked it up more)
It was raining the whole run tonight. In fact its been raining most of the week.

My running goals for the rest of this week are to
1) Do a tempo run
2) Do a run over 6 miles.
This needs to happen so hold me accountable!! I'm pressed for time because I'm going home for Easter this weekend. Do you guys celebrate/have plans? I still hunt Easter eggs even though I'm 30 because I'm mature like that.

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