Monday, April 4, 2011


Today I ran a couple miles and then did most of my core workout. It was so nice outside I had to run a little but honestly I could still feel Saturday's run in my legs. Obviously the biggest problem is I don't run enough mileage consistently but does anyone have any tips for a faster recovery?

I try to eat protein after hard workouts and I have been wearing my compression socks. I am REALLY bad about icing, I really only do it if something is hurting. And by hurting I don't mean sore, I mean when it feels like something is off, sometimes my hip or knee will bug me and I'll ice it just to ward off injury. I should probably make it a point to ice after long runs...

I'm really long overdo for some blog updates and pictures so I apologize for that and will try and work on it. I'm still new to this and haven't really had a lot of time. Actually, I just spend my time reading other blogs instead of beautifying mine. haha.

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