Sunday, March 14, 2010

#1 Seed

Woo-hoo!! Syracuse gets a #1 seed in the tourney! And great showing by all the big east teams. Feel a little bad for the teams that got left out and should have gotten in (cough cough, ahem Virginia Tech, cough cough) but we've been there too.
Anyway, been a little crazy with the updates again since my Mom has been in town.
Yesterday did 3.69 (windy and crunched for time) with some hill repeats. I did a .15 hill 3 times + another hill. I should work on improving that but it was good enough for yesterday. Still trying to fit a long run in my schedule (8-9 miles) this week. We'll see if I manage. Not too eventful in the food area this weekend. I'll try and focus more on getting things going on the blog this week!!

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