Sunday, February 13, 2011


I decided to blog a bit again - because...well, because why not?
I like to talk about how I'm feeling and what I'm eating and how much I'm running and why and a lot of people in my real life probably get bored hearing about it so maybe whoever finds the old blog-a-roo will be more interested. Or maybe it will be motivating to someone?

Anyhoo - I've been trying to get back into doing more runs again. I kinda fell off the radar last year - I had my awesome (for me it was awesome) 10k, followed it up with a bit more disappointing 5k in May - but still decent (22:26), and a 5k trail run that was VERY tough for me - I don't remember my time right now but it was over an 8:00 min pace. Shortly after that I started missing runs and my training got a little lack luster. I managed a 26:00 min 3.5 race in June and haven't run since!

I did move and oh yeah, get married though. So anyhow - even though its been one of the worst winters I can remember as far as snow/cold and I don't have access to a treadmill I've actually been running more consistently since January than I have in a year!
I'm starting to do longer runs on the weekends and get out at least two other times a week. However, I'm still really lacking in the old speedwork department. I know I need to incorporate some serious speed sooner rather than later.
The last 3 weekends my long runs have looked like this: 8.8 miles - about a mile through a couple inches snow so more like a trail run 9:07(?) pace, 7.55 miles 8:06 pace, today - 9.3 miles 8:26 pace. I was hoping to stay under 8:23 for my run today but overall I feel okay with it. I really didn't feel like going, the first few miles were into the wind and there were some hills. I have been trying to get a little extra hill work in because the next two races I'm planning on are both going to be very hilly. A 4 miler at the beginning of March - not much time left to prepare for that one so I'm just going to try and keep it under 8s (32 minutes) and a very hilly 10 miler in May, which again my goal for will be to keep it under 8s.
And...I signed up for the Chicago marathon - not until October 9th, but I am hoping to rock it!

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