Friday, February 18, 2011

Heat Wave!

What a warm and beautiful day. It was in the fifties here today. In Central New York. On February 18th! Craziness. Unfortunately, it’s not going to last but I’ll still take it after months of runs in the 20s, teens, and single digits. I knew it was supposed to get colder and windy later on so I headed out for an early run at a t-shirt and shorts! Woo-hoo!

My goal was to do some intervals and this proved more challenging than I anticipated due to a pretty strong wind (it's bringing back the cold weather - boo). I decided I better go for it anyway as I knew I’d feel bad if I didn’t get some speed work in.

I did intervals as follows - halves and quarters with 1/4 mile recoveries in between, and then an additional 400 after my run back to work.
800 - 3:30
400 - 1:38
400 - 1:31
800 - 3:29
400 - 1:36
It was a little over a mile warm-up and cool down so about 4.5 miles altogether.

The first ½ and ¼ were into the wind which made them extremely difficult for me. I really wanted to stop during the first half mile and almost ditched the whole effort, but I knew I’d feel like crap about it if I did. So, even though I’m not happy with my times – I’d prefer about 10 seconds off each interval (particularly the 800s) I’m still happy with my effort and that I completed my intended run. Besides, every little bit helps! And I got to eat candy when I was done!
Tomorrow is supposed to be super windy so I might not be running at all, and hopefully Sunday I'll make it out for a longish run again. Glad it's Friday even if it is getting cold again :)

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