Friday, February 25, 2011


So...running this week. Tuesday I did 4 at a decent clip but I didn't wear my watch so I don't have stats for the run.
Thursday – intervals! I recruited my relatively new running friend (she’s actually much faster than me so the interval workout was good – we still had company but we could both get a good workout in too).

My times:
800 - 3:13
400 - 1:34
400 - 1:36
400 - 1:36
400 - 1:36

So I was a little bit slow with the 1/4s but very consistent which is good at least.
We did a bit over a mile warm up and cool down and 1/4 mile recoveries so it was a little over 5 miles for the run. Not bad.
Then I ate delicious thai food and we went out to dinner with friends so not the best eating day. I may have went to town on my remaining converstaion hearts too.
I actually really need to work on my eating because my stomach has been bothering quite a bit lately and I'm guessing it is diet/acid reflux related.

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