Sunday, February 20, 2011

Better short than nothing.

We ended up going to one of our couple friend's for dinner yesterday and it turned into a very late night! It's basically my husband's best friend since he has known since they were kids and his wife that I just adore and get along great with. They just had a baby last year so I got to play with him before his bedtime. We brought a bottle of wine and they served up some delicious shrimp scampi (I justified this as carbo-loading for my long run today - that didn't actually happen afterall but I'll get to that later). A couple more bottles of wine and a mini cream puff and eclair later it was well after 1am by the time we left. It was fun times even if it was hard getting up this morning.
So I put off running as long as I could and I was having trouble deciding what route to run all week. I originally was going to do a step back and just do a 6-7 miler but then I was all but settled on doing 10. In the end, a dying ipod battery and the need to practice hills won out and I ended up doing about a 6 mile loop with some hills thrown in there.

It worked out well though since essentially it was a 5 mile tempo run (7:53 overall pace) with about a .5 mile warmup and cool down.
Mile splits were 8:14, 7:39, 7:34, 7:42, 8:13.

So the first mile was slow, even after the warmup which I'm slighly concerned about. The 3 fastest miles were the ones with the hills but I think the downhill counteracts the uphill on the course I ran so my overall pace ends up faster. It was HARD going back up the hill but I got through it. The course for the race I'll be running in a couple weeks has more gradual hills so that's good but I think it has a lot less downhills which is bad for me.
Overall I'm very happy with this run. It's nice to see the 3 miles sub-8, I really wasn't motivated on my way out the door, it was nice and sunny out and although only in the 20s it felt really comfortable to run in. So, overall very positive!

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