Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, weird random sickness struck this afternoon. My stomach has been feeling a little off for a couple days now and this morning it was slightly worse. I still went to work and met up with the girls for a lunchtime run but shortly after that I barely made it through a meeting and had to go home sick. I'm feeling somewhat better but still a little off. Hopefully this will be gone in the morning.
Anyway, back to the run. Due to feeling craptastic I decided not to wear my watch. I thought we'd be going slower but the other girls are both faster than me and the first couple of miles were definitely faster than I would have done on my own. So, overall I mapped it out to be about 4.85 miles which I'm happy with from a distance standpoint. I haven't run since Sunday when I did my long run and my legs were feeling good. I don't know the pace, I'm guessing it was under 8:30 overall. Like I said, the other girls didn't seem as challenged by the run as I did but it may have been due to my sickness as well.
I'm still hoping to be able to run tomorrow and I'd also still like to get an interval workout in this week but I'm not sure if it will happen. Depends on how I'm feeling. I definitely don't want to miss another day but maybe it would be better for me to go easy tomorrow and try for a speed workout Friday. We'll see.

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