Monday, April 5, 2010

Beautiful Weather!!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!
We had a great weekend, beautiful weather and a lot of friend and family time. I got to see most of my family except for one of my sisters who had to work so that was a bit of a bummer but other than that it was really fun.

The Fort-to-Fort race Saturday morning went great. I was nervous about being recovered enough and ready to run but I was fine. It was a fast and flat course and great weather - sunny and almost 70! So warm for April here. Anyway, like I said it was a 10k and it was an out and back. Slightly downhill at the beginning so of course I went out fast...7:18 pace for the first mile. I didn't keep that pace up but I was able to hold on pretty well though - even after the turn around when there was a slight head wind on the way back. I barely noticed the incline at the end since I've been doing so many long hilly runs. I ended up with a time of 46:49 - about a 7:33 pace I think, well under my goal of finishing under 48 minutes!! I was so happy. I wasn't sure I was capable of running that fast/strong in a race. This was my first 10K and I really liked the distance. I had been trading places with another girl back and forth and she passed me right at the end to finish a second ahead of me. I finished 3rd overall for females and 1st in my age group!! Woo-hoo!! My first time with a first place win and first overall place finish ever. It's nice to see that the hard training/speed workouts I've been doing paid off. Also nice to see I can be this fast without running a million miles a week. haha, now to pick it up a little and be a little more consistent with the training.

I've been celebrating by eating way too much chocolate!! I should work on that!!


  1. glad to know your race went well! at least it cancels out the chocolate, right ;) ?

  2. great job on the race, that is speedy!!

  3. yay! Comments!! Shannon - yes to cancelling out the chocolate and thanks skinnyrunner!! Definitely have a ways to go to catch you but I'm pretty excited about how well it went :)