Thursday, April 15, 2010

week recap

Okay, lets recap here...
Tuesday I skipped intervals since I was still pretty sore from the boot camp. I ran a little over 5 miles at a little over 8:10 pace. The last 3 miles were in the 7:50s...the first 2 I ran with a friend so we were chatting.

Yesterday I pretty much took off but went for a long walk at lunch - maybe 2 miles? And then a 1.5 mile walk after dinner with the boy.

Today I attempted speedwork again but we couldn't use the high school track - they had a game going on :) so we ran at Beaver Lake a nice county park nearby. It is a trail - not paved, they actually do x-country skiing in the winter and some areas are wooden planks over marshier areas. It is very pretty and there are a few different trail options. We did the biggest loop around the lake which was a little over 3 miles and then a shorter trail for a little over 5 miles total. We ran "pick-ups" where we picked up the pace for a minute and a half at a time. We only did 5 of the pick-ups and it was still tough. I think the soft ground was hard to get used to running on. It was a little hilly but not too bad. Tomorrow I might attempt longer intervals again. My left knee is hurting a little but other than that my body seems to be finally recovering.

I ate a lot today and I'm still hungry. Not cool. I'm trying to keep in good shape for summer and any upcoming races I want to do.
There is a lot going on that's sort of up in the air right now. I need to make some plans and book some things but I can't really do it until I see how things play out next week. Hopefully I'm stressing for no reason! Everything should be okay but you never know.

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