Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday!!

Yesterday it was 85 degrees here and today it's snowing! Crazy. Just some flakes here and there but a huge temperature drop. Unfortunately it got really windy yesterday just as I was planning to run so I only made it a little over a mile before stopping, doing some dips and abs and calling it a day. I've still been having some weird pain in my left leg behind the knee and the top of the foot so I didn't see the point in pushing it when I have a pretty long run planned for tomorrow and would like to get out Sunday as well.

Tomorrow morning I am doing a training run for the mountain goat - even though it looks like I'm going to miss the race after all. The race is a hilly 10 miler but tomorrow we are actually planning to add some additional hill distance and run about 11 miles total. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago, and did the full course the week before that at the training runs so it should be okay. Just hope my leg pain issues clear up.

I was also looking at this race:

It says, "5.67 mile mountain run to the top of Prospect Mountain with 1,601 feet of elevation gain"...
would this be insane? I've been doing some hills on my mountain goat training runs but I think the elevation gain is closer to 565 feet, and I've only done a hill workout once. haha. Sounds like this is more like a climb.
Anyone have experince with running a climb like this? Since it's not exactly local (its near my Mom's and I'm anticipating being home for Mother's Day) I don't really have a way of running the route beforehand.

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