Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great day!

It was a pretty good day today.

I feel a little bad for wussing out on my run this morning. I only did the 10 mile course and skipped the extra hill parts. I really don't like not running what I planned to run but on the bright side I still got up at 6:40 to run on a Saturday steps.

My legs were sore and still having weird pain in my calves. When I bend them, like sitting indian style for instance they just hurt really bad. Feels like something is squeezing them tight and cutting off circulation. Weird. Anyway, I got through it okay.

Went to lunch with the boy and had a great salad and some of his sandwich. Then some yardwork, watched some of the Masters and then tried a new place for dinner! I had a delicious filet and he had bbq salmon. It was a fun outing, felt like a "date" night. I'm actually going back to it now. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

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