Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ugh, long day at work but good overall.
I ate decent, and fit in a workout.
I walked at lunchtime (We have long hallways at lunch) and then when I got home I did 30 minutes on the bike trainer followed by 10 minutes of lifting and another 5 or so of ab work. It hurt.

Then...we went here:

It is dining week downtown so they had 3 courses for $25.
We had a bottle of wine, Ravenswood Cab (meh, drinkable but not exceptional)
and I had ceasar salad with calamari and rainbow trout with beet/walnut/couscous.
Also had bittersweet chocolate torte but most of mine is in the fridge now (I was full).
Long day tomorrow so I'm headed to bed soon. Night!!

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