Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Post

Okay, okay I guess I'm sort of late hopping on the blog-wagon but I figured what the heck? I spend a reasonable amount of time online anyway, so here first entry.

I guess I haven't really decided the direction I want this little blog to go in yet or how dedicated I'm going to be to updating but I'll try and be pretty consistent with keeping it up to date.

I guess to get you started here is some info on me.

I'm 29 yrs old, female and I live in Central New York with my fiance (got engaged this past Christmas eve) after years and years and oh yeah did I mention years of dating. Seriously, almost 8 of them. :)

I like to run. A lot. And I like to talk about running a lot. The good news is I like to listen to other people talk about running too so feel free to share your stats/accomplishments with me. I find it really motivating and interesting to see how different people approach their workouts. I'm still sort of new to running and until about 5 years ago I hadn't run a mile. But now I have run a marathon (Philly in 2008) and am contemplating another one this fall.

I work as a software engineer. A lot of sitting at my job.

I teach figure skating on the side. Right now just group classes more basic skills but I'd love to get into it more if I have time. I skated myself through college.

I'd love to do a triathalon this year! Ideally a half-ironman!

I like to cook and am sort of a foodie so I'll be focusing on that a bit on here as well.

I love wine and live near the Finger Lakes Region of New York State so I am fortunate enough to get to go wine tasting quite frequently.

I love music, but am not really into movies or tv. But I LOVE sports. In particular The Yankees and College Basketball (Syracuse!). I try and read but honestly don't have too much time for that.

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