Monday, February 15, 2010

Some cheese with that wine?

My sister and her boyfriend came up to visit this weekend!

First...I had to get her up early...

Then we went winetasting!!

Ravines (probably my favorite of the day)

Fox Run

We started at the top west of Seneca Lake at Fox Run and then went to Rooster Hill (another favorite!), McGregor and Ravines. We got off to a late start but still tasted some quality wines! I think we came home with about half a case. The finger lakes are known for their Rieslings which I love. I'm not a fan of Oaky whites or overly sweet wines and the finger lakes Rieslings are a much dryer style than the traditional German ones which are much more honeyed. The ones produced her are dry and crisp!!
It was a fun day capped off with a late...late...late dinner. Someone forgot it was Valentine's day weekend and places would be packed.
Sunday, started the day out bright and early (well 7:30 is very early for a Sunday after drinking wine all day) with a 4 mile run. I didn't time it, the beginning was sluggish but the end was much faster. Met friends for breakfast and then we had to go to this Daytona 500 party. I'm not a NASCAR person. I played with the kids all day. Ate way too much though and have to do damage control the rest of the week. boo. Celebrated Valentine's again when we got home after some Olympic viewing ;) GO USA!! I love the Olympics!!

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