Thursday, February 25, 2010


We are getting a lot of snow today so unfortunately I wasn't able to run outside, and I didn't work out at all actually! How odd. I had to work a little late and then I ran over to the mall to find some things for my trip.

I ended up getting some black yoga pants from Aerie to wear on the plane, a couple dressy tops from Express and a couple pairs of pants from The Loft. It was a little more than I would have liked to spend but most pieces were on pretty big sales and I had a coupon for Express.

Last night we went to dining week here:

And, no I didn't actually order this although it looks delicious. I just wanted to give you an idea of what a good job they do with presentations there. There were a lot of interesting dishes I wanted to try, but I stuck with a very safe choice off of the specials menu, the Green Curry chicken. It was very good and quite spicy.
Tonight I got home late and made a quick egg salad with a Thomas' mixed berry english muffin. I'm obsessed with them!

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