Sunday, February 21, 2010

weekend...minus the work part.

Had to go into work yesterday but it went well so not a bad weekend.
This is the last weekend before I leave for Africa!!

I really wasn't feeling the whole workout thing yesterday and knew I needed to run so I dragged myself to the park. It was windy so I told myself I could turn around after a mile as long as I tried to run fast. I did mile 1 in 7:36 (into the wind) and mile 2 in 7:18. So 7:54 overall. I have run 2 miles faster than that so I'm hoping running into the wind slowed me down.

Today I ran and didn't take my watch but I mapped it out using and It said 4.58 miles. This was an awesome run. I didn't bring my watch so wasn't worried about time and it just felt really good. Maybe the last 1/4 mle was tough because I was pushing it but overall it felt awesome. Based on ipod timing (Where I add up the lengths of all the songs that played while I was running) it was 36:54. Which I think is just over an 8 min/mile pace? I'm mostly happy about how good it felt though. I don't know if its just that its getting towards the end of winter and I'm tired of running in the cold weather or what but I've been sort of unmotivated.

Going to make a fun dinner tonight so I'll try and post a pic.

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