Friday, February 19, 2010


So tired today. Spent the night visiting with my sisters and only got 2.5-3 hours of sleep oh well.

I mentioned in my first post I used to be a skater. I have to say how disappointed I am with the results of the Olympics last night. I'm a fan of Evan Lysacek, I like his skating and think he has great technique (minus the step up into his axel) and he looks great out there...long clean lines. However, I don't think he won the olympics. Not even close. And don't even get me started on Johnny Weird ending up 6th! Jeremy Abbott was my favorite on the US men's team but he lost it by messing up in the short. I think Evgeny Plushenko's difficulty put him way above everyone else. What happened to all the quads? Kurt Browning was landing clean quads in competition over 20 years ago!! Evan didn't even do a triple axel-triple toe combination. I think skating is a sport because of the tricks, jumps and spins, but mostly the jumps. When they changed the scoring system they lost that. I guess some people are happy with it this way and this is what they want skating to be but I am vehemently oppose it! I don't think its a sport anymore when you lose the emphasis on the difficulty. You make it a dance. Which is fine and entertaining but it shouldn't be called a sport and it shouldn't be an olympic event if that is the case. With enough practice anyone could do the footwork and transition moves but not everyone is capable of doing quads. When you look at what Shaun White does and the advancements in that sport (snow boarding) even though its relatively new it's so innovative and exciting, how can you compare that with this watered down skating we are seeing? And White goes for the hardest tricks even though he doesn't need to because he's a true competitor and he wants to set a standard for the future not just settle for a gold medal. I'm not sure who would want to keep watching skating if this is the way it is headed in the future. I'm a skater myself and am not interested in watching anymore.

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